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 Online Keno: What you Need to Know to Start Winning Right Away

Keno is a game that might not be as well-known as casino games like poker, roulette, or craps, but it still is a casino mainstay and a great way to win big. It is comparable in some ways to playing a condensed version of the lottery, and is even offered as an option in some state and national sponsored lotteries.

History of the Game

Etymologically speaking, this game’s name hails from French and Latin roots: the French quine refers to the five winning numbers, or the Latin quini also referring to the same thing. Still, legends hold that the game both helped fund the Great Wall of China, and that it saved an ancient Chinese city during wartime. Thus, the roots are traced back to the Middle Kingdom of the most ancient civilisation still existing in the world today.

These legends notwithstanding, the first documentation of the game in China dates back to 1947. Macao, still a modern day Mecca on the Asian continent for gambling, was then governed as a colony by the Portuguese, who granted lottery licenses to officials in its overseas territory. From there, the story of Keno spread far and wide, from the large cities in which they were played, to the smaller surrounding villages. Residents in both living environments could play and see lottery results, all thanks to carrier pigeons which would deliver the results on paper, which is how the Chinese name for Keno which literally means white dove ticket – 白鸽票 báigēpiào – derived its name.

From there, the game spread westward. Instead of using the 80 characters from a Chinese poem used as a primer to teach children Chinese printed on a sheet, Chinese immigrants who travelled to Europe and beyond westernised how the game was played as well with numbers. By 1866 the game had already made it to the US, and was popular in the then gambling hub of Houston, Texas.

Rules and Strategy for Keno

As mentioned, the game is similar in form, function, and probability to the lottery, where playing more lowers a player’s already slim odds. That is why the typical edge the house holds over its players is somewhere in the 20-30% range. For this reason, look for online Keno real money games with a high jackpot that is also progressive to cut into the house advantage. Usually, games are played in rapid succession, so with each new game you are taking on a higher jackpot in progressive games.

The rules of online keno are as follows:

  • Each ticket has numbers 1 through to 80 listed, with every number representing a spot on the card
  • Most places will have you choose between four to ten spots
  • After choosing these numbers, place your bet
  • 20 random numbers are selected separately
  • Depending on the game, you may have to have more than one number to that matches in order to win
  • The more numbers that match, the higher the payout
  • Also, like most games with gambling, the higher the bet, the larger the payout (should you have chosen a correct numbers)

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