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Poke the Guy

Poke the Guy slot is perhaps a loose term, considering how this game plays out, but it is often important to be able to categorise such titles. As you will shortly discover, there is a lot more than meets the eye in this Poke the Guy slot review.


Well, this where we are going to need you to stick with us because Poke the Guy is all about a strange looking man in a yellow leotard who jumps all over a cartoon city. Quite simply, the aim of the game is to use items to throw at the guy – and Microgaming has devised all this.

If you hit the guy, then you will be rewarded, potentially handsomely, in exchange for dealing with him. Presumably, it is the city authorities who are eager for this curious gentleman to be brought to justice among online casino sites such as Lucky Admiral.


Poke the Guy is not a game where you are challenged to match up different symbols on paylines. You simply throw items to try and poke the main character. If you do, then the game will randomly award one of the following multipliers:

  • 2x bet
  • 4x bet
  • 8x bet
  • 12x bet
  • 18x bet
  • 500x bet


The wagering is actually really cool for this instant game, as the amount you wish to wager will have an impact on the items that you will use to throw at the prancing man. First and foremost, however, you will have to assign a coin value if you want to start playing. Click or tap on the coins to assign a value of £0.01 to £0.06.

Once you have assigned the coin value, you will notice that the total wagering amount will also be impacted by which of the items that you decide to hurl. From lowest to highest, the items include a yellow rubber duck, a tree, a fish, a knife, and a pile of pink goo.

Using the rubber ducky, it is possible to stake from only £0.01 on each turn. Of course, you can go much higher by maximising the coin value. If you do this, then you can claim for total of £30.00 per turn.


Where the game falls a bit short is in terms of special features. Basically, there are no special features on hand to complete the base game. As a result, there are no opportunities for mini games or free turns. Of course, either would be surprising to see in what is supposed to be a stripped-back instant game.


In terms of what the game wants to do, the design is definitely up to the job. The cartoon city has lots of key details without being too overblown. And this is good news for enjoying the Poke the Guy slot mobile experience. The game can easily be played on tablets and smartphones running on iOS or Android.


All things considered, Poke the Guy is not a game in which you will have to think long and hard. Basically, it all amounts to being able to randomly Poke the Guy and then randomly receiving winnings. Before a session, however, it does make sense to decide on how many turns you wish to play. Stick to this and you might just earn a few wins while playing.


Poke the Guy is the perfect instant game for players who would like to enjoy titles that are simpler and quicker to play. You can straight into the action and just have a good laugh hurling fish and rubber ducks at the ridiculous-looking man. A high multiplier payout would simply be the icing on the cake for the experience.