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1H Jacks or Better

Looking for a simple, straightforward and sure-fire way to win big? Cozy Games presents all fans of video poker with a chance to lock in substantial earnings with Jacks or Better video poker. Now available on Lucky Admiral, Jacks or Better incentivizes players to acquire thousands in gold coins with one simple rule; get a pair of jacks or better! With a poker gameplay that effortless, you’ll want to get in on the fun yourself. Get to Lucky Admiral and play Jacks or Better today!

Bonuses to Bank On

Lucky Admiral makes it easy for all fans of poker to get started on the right track with generous offers to truly bank on. In fact, first time players can get a hold of a great welcome package worth up to 500 free spins! This is available by spinning our Mega Reel, on which you can also win free spins on Fluffy Favourites, or even Amazon vouchers. Following the 1st deposit, The Reel will be triggered every time you deposit £20 or more! With great offers and promotions like these, you’ll want to try your hand at Jacks or Better online poker, available directly at Lucky Admiral.

Nothing’s Better Than Jacks or Better

Lucky Admiral fans of poker won’t want to miss out on what’s turning out to be the top video poker game available online, Jacks or Better. This casino game provides players with a gameplay that is both easy and lucrative. Want to know just how easy it is to pocket some serious cash? Find out more below.

What is it all about?

If there is one poker game in Lucky Admiral’s portfolio that is easy for anyone to understand and play, Jacks or Better is definitely it. The simplistic and clear-cut gameplay makes it accessible to beginners, as well as providing auncliched version of the game for seasoned veterans. There are no jokers, no wild cards and no bonuses, just a maximum bonus of 4000 coins when players get a classic Royal Flush. Jacks or Better omits the fuss and brings players back to beauty of poker: the potential for big wins.

Unlike classic poker and other video game poker versions, Jacks or Better uses a standard 52 deck card but with the wild cards, including the joker, removed. Like the gameplay itself, Jacks or Better video poker has straightforward graphics, offering players with an easy-to-use interface that is also fun to watch. Autoplay and expert modes are also available depending on the level of expertise of the player themselves.

Players will draw five cards on which they will choose to place their bets. Given that, the maximum possible jackpot is a Royal Flush, which is also a unique spin to this particular version of poker. A Royal Flush entails a player holding a 10, Jack, King, Queen and, Ace of the same suit. This pays 250:1 when betting up to 4 coins or 800:1 when betting 5 coins. Although the options are limited, the potential earnings are massive.

What about strategy?

It’s simple! As this game pays off on any pair that consists of jacks or better, literally, the key Jacks or Better strategy is to hold onto any card that happens to be a Jack, at the very least. Also, it will be useful to get a suited pair consisting of a 10, with the addition of a Queen, King or Ace. If a Jack is not present in any of the cards you’ve drawn, it’s best to discard all five and get a new set. As the game is straightforward in nature, players can focus solely on getting that coveted Royal Flush, which provides for a clear-cut strategy and a no-nonsense gameplay.

Jacks or Better is a fantastic and uncomplicated option for all new or old fans of poker, making it easy and fun to delve into the game. As such, Lucky Admiral has included this one-of-a-kind video poker game into its portfolio, so that all fans can latch onto the opportunity for big wins. Get to Lucky Admiral and play Jacks or Better, for a truly better poker experience!