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Cashback with Lucky Admiral!

Did you know that you could receive a casino rebate from Lucky Admiral? That’s right, you could receive a casino cashback bonus that helps you get back on your feet again after a downturn in form.

Understanding Casino Cashback

At Lucky Admiral, casino cashback offers are basically opportunities for you to claim back bonus funds from us. All you need to do is enter one of our cashback events and follow the instructions included if you want to potentially benefit. In looking for cashback deals, you might just find the following available:

  • Welcome offer: Deposit and wager with Lucky Admiral and you shall be eligible for the Mega Wheel, which offers up to 500 free spins right back to you.
  • Reload bonuses: Make your next deposit and this could make you eligible to receive a bonus straight back to help your account.
  • Cashback on losses: The first wave of cashback casinos focused on giving players back a percentage bonus based on their losses, which was a major help.
  • Cashback on total bets: VIPs can earn cashback bonuses simply by continuing to wager. This can be based as a percentage of total bets, rather than losses.
  • Cashback on games: Lucky Admiral can often celebrate a new game or a special time of the year by running cashback events, so watch out for these!
  • Cashback events: Newbies are eligible to receive double the weekly cashback percentage during their first 31 days with Lucky Admiral.

Cashback vs. Top-up Bonuses

When playing at a cash back casino online, you can find that your rewards are paid out based on one of the following ways explained above. However, when scouring the promotional events, how do you choose between cashback and top-up bonuses?


After entering a cashback event, there is the chance to benefit in some of the following ways:

  • Insurance: There is nothing quite like making a comeback thanks to sudden arrival of cashback bonus credit.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a degree of cashback protection can give you peace of mind when wagering.

Top-up Bonuses

In the event that you choose a top-up bonus, these are some of the core benefits that can arise:

  • Higher bonuses: Making a deposit typically entitles you to a higher bonus, which can make this a compelling option for some players.
  • Control: By claiming a top-up bonus, you can exercise slightly greater control in the process of ensuring you have funds to play with.

How to Claim Cashback with Lucky Admiral

At Lucky Admiral, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on cashback. Broadly, the opportunities are made available to the following types of players:

  • New players: Newbies are automatically eligible to receive 1% weekly cashback, but you can earn double the returns during your first 31 days with Lucky Admiral.
  • Loyalty cashback: Expert (1%), Pro (3%), VIP (5%), and Legend (10%) are the four levels of the loyalty scheme that will entitle you to get weekly cashback.

Key Cashback FAQs

Cashback is really quite simple to understand, especially after reading through our most frequently asked and answered questions here at Lucky Admiral.

When Will I Receive Cashback from Lucky Admiral?

You receive 1% weekly cashback as a Newbie, but you must advance to Expert after 31 days if you want to continue receiving credit. This is performed by earning the 101 to 1,000 Kudos Points required for the Expert level. Lucky Admiral shall provide each cashback installation after a week of wagering.

What Are the Limits for Earning Cashback?

Cashback is calculated based on your weekly deposits minus withdrawals and any current balance remaining in your account. At this point, you will receive the percentage cashback you are eligible for. For reference, the maximum possible bonus conversion is to receive £250 at the time of withdrawal.

Do I Have to Maintain My Loyalty Level?

You must continue to earn Kudos points each month if you would like to stay at your current loyalty level and keep the according cashback bonus. For reference, Kudos points are earned at a rate of one for £1 deposited. These are the four cashback levels:

  • Expert: 100 to 1,000 Kudos
  • Pro: 1,001 to 2,500 Kudos
  • VIP:  2,501 to 5,000 Kudos
  • Legend: 5,000+ Kudos

Are There Any Wagering Requirements to Meet?

All winnings earned shall be applied to your bonus bankroll. You then have to meet 65x play-through requirements before you can withdraw up to £250 after making an initial deposit.

How Easy is it to Cash Out Winnings?

Lucky Admiral offers VISA, Maestro, and MasterCard as credit/debit card options for withdrawing your winnings, while PayPal can deliver even greater convenience. Just make sure to clear your wagering requirements and the process will extremely smooth.

Cashback bonuses are in steady supply here at Lucky Admiral, so start earning your weekly rewards today.