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Classic Slots

While some people might think that classic games are boring or outdated, this is not true at all. These games are classics because they have been around for such a long time and the reason that they have been around for so long is that they are great! Classic slot games like fruit machines are reliable and familiar and it is easy to see why players love these.

Find out more about these classic games below.

What Is A Classic Slot?

If you aren’t familiar with a classic slot game, then you will find that they traditionally come with some fruit symbols on them and typically are 3 reel slots. A classic slot is often simple in design but packs a punch when it comes to the cash that can be won. You’ll find all of your favourite symbols on there including the bars, the bell and even the lucky 7s as you spin! Where would we be without our favourite class slots?

Why Play The Classics?

There are so many reasons to play old fashioned slots including the fact that they are easy to play and great for beginners. If you are feeling overwhelmed by complicated bonus features and graphics, you can rely on a classic slot to help you learn.

On top of this, many people play classic slots because of the nostalgia. They remember when these games were in casinos and when online versions of the game didn’t even exist.

Today’s “Classic”

Slot games have changed a lot over the years and now the ‘classic’ slot has a lot more than just three reels and one payline. Typical slot games these days come with 5 reels and 20-25 paylines and they are hits with players. While in the past you might have only been able to enjoy the reels spinning, now you can enjoy complicated bonus features, HD graphics and much more.

Today’s classic slot might be different from those in the past, but it is definitely something which slot fans love.

Our Favourite Classic Games

7s To Burn – If you want to try out a classic slot game that has been given a bit of an upgrade then you will love 7s To Burn. This slot game features all of the classic symbols including the bells, bars symbols, lemons and even the lucky sevens. In this game, there are 5 paylines and 3 reels for you to spin. Classic slot fans will love that this game has some flaming sevens which add a bit more excitement to the game.

3 Fruits Win – Another great classic slot game that you can enjoy on Lucky Admiral is 3 Fruits Win which comes with a few more reels than 3 but still has plenty of those fruity symbols that you need. In 3 Fruits win, you can experience a game that focuses on the main game with very little bonus features to distract you. Make sure to check out this newer take on the classic fruit machine.


Classic slot games might be getting a little old by now, but they are still loved as much as ever. This is clear from the number of developers who are coming up with new ways to bring the fruit machine to life and to focus on the reels spinning rather than bonus features.

Of course, as time goes on, the classic slot game will change and will become more up to date. Make sure to check out some of the classic slot games that we have for you here at lucky Admiral and you won’t be disappointed with what you see!