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Gather ‘Round Maties! Learn t’Natter Like a Pirate!

Creative culture has shown you pirates in books, cartoons, movies, and TV shows, but did you also realise they appear often at casino sites? Well, that’s why you should learn to talk like a pirate. Not only is it hilarious fun to put on the accent and use funny pirate slang, but you can also think like a pirate and become a part of the crew.

Pirate Terms for You to Master

There is a wide range of waters for you to search through when scouring pirate language, so allow us to make matters simpler. Here at Lucky Admiral, we have had our fair share of run-ins with pirates. And this has given us an edge in understanding pirate talk. You can start by reading through the top pirate terms below:

  • Ahoy: Often used as a form of greeting, but can also serve the purpose of attracting attention from a fellow pirate.
  • Arrrr: A throwaway term used to fill out sentences and sound menacing.
  • Avast: The cry of “Avast” is comes from the Dutch “hou’vast”, which is enough to halt an entire crew to hold fast.
  • Batten down the hatches: A command for the entire crew to begin preparing the ship for an imminent storm.
  • Blow the man down: This means to kill an enemy pirate.
  • Crack Jenny’s tea cup: An overly elaborate term for visiting a house of ill repute.
  • Davy Jones’ Locker: Legend has it that Jones sunk every ship he commanded. Visiting Davy Jones’ Locker means to die.
  • Dead men tell no tales: Pirates would caution their captives by threatening them.
  • Give no quarter: The raising of a red flag would warn enemies that they were prepared to fight to the death.
  • Grog: The ship would water down the rum to create a mixture called grog.
  • Jacob’s Ladder: What you call the ladder used to climb onto the ship.
  • Jolly Roger: The infamous pirate flag bearing the skull and crossbones.
  • Head: This is the name given to the ship’s toilet.
  • Hornswaggle: You best pray that a fellow crew member doesn’t denounce you as a hornswaggle, which means to cheat.
  • Keel hauling: A horrific punishment that could be used against a hornswaggle. This entails attaching someone to a rope and then running them under the bottom of the ship over the sharp barnacles before being pulled up on the other side.
  • Landlubber: Someone with little or no experience of being at sea.
  • Parley: Asking for parley was to request discussion as a means of resolving conflict.
  • Poop deck: No sniggering, as this is the deck found highest up and to the very back of the ship.
  • Run a shot across the bow: Is what a captain says to fire a warning shot.
  • Scuttle: The captain may command for you to scuttle an enemy ship. This simply means to sink the ship.
  • Three sheets to the wind: This is the pirate expression for being drunk, presumably from drinking too much grog.

Pirate Games to Play at Lucky Admiral

Now that you’ve been promoted from landlubber to pirate, it’s about time you knew what games to play. Lucky Admiral has several fun pirate slots in which you can seek the X and plunder your way to plenty of booty.

Lucky Pirates

Meet the luckiest pirates on the Seven Seas. In the Lucky Pirate slot, you will meet a crew that is entirely comprised of fruit. This is actually very funny when you realise that pirates often suffered from scurvy by not eating enough fruit.

Anyway, Lucky Pirates has been made by Playson and is a mobile-compatible slot game you can enjoy right here at Lucky Admiral. We really like this game because it shares the Lucky name and also because it’s just a lot of fun.

In the base game, you can match fruity symbols on five reels and nine paylines, with the minimum stake beginning at only £0.27. You can use golden wild coins to try and fill in any missing places on the paylines. Even better, though, you can match five parrots for up to a £25,000.00 jackpot.

Pirate Princess

Pirate crews are not only filled with salty sea dogs riddled with scurvy. The Pirate Princess slot is a game that features a glamorous female captain to lead the crew. Anne Bony and Grace O’Malley are two female pirates who remain legendary to this very day.

Eyecon has developed Pirate Princess to function on mobile and desktop, with the slot interface awash with gold trim and loot. The slot is quite clearly designed with five reels and three rows, while the 20 different paylines can be viewed on the side of the screen.

Pirate Princess can offer a 1,000x multiplier in the base game, but the slot also comes with some great extras. For starters, there is a map scatter that will trigger a treasure mini game when three or more symbols are landed. You can even engage in ship battles before going on to unlock free spins.

Wild Seas

Wild Seas shares common ground with Pirate Princess in that a woman stars in the slot. That much becomes clear in the elaborate intro video complete with voiceovers, which reveal that the daughter is seeking revenge after the murder of her pirate father.

Elk Studios is behind the development of the impressive Wild Seas slot. From the outset, it is clear that Wild Seas can give you an experience unlike most others. This is largely due to the enlarged slot design of five reels and four rows.

In Wild Seas, there are 176 ways of winning, with the female pirate captain yielding a 1,000x multiplier with a total match of five symbols. Wild Seas is also complemented by special features, including the likes of Sticky Wilds, Sailing Wilds, and Wild + Bonus. The bonus game begins with two flag symbols and challenges you to break a convoy of ships.

Now that you’ve brought out your inner pirate, it’s time to start having fun. Join Lucky Admiral and you can start with up to 500 free spins today.