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Play for Real Prizes at Lucky Admiral!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to win some real prizes while playing at your favourite site, Lucky Admiral? From slot prizes to bingo prizes, there are numerous opportunities to scoop tangible items instead of cash. Cash is lovely, but it’s great to have more variety, and that’s what we’re going to look at here.

How to scoop real prizes on LA

You’ll soon discover there is far more than just your average prizes available at Lucky Admiral. Real prizes games are just the start. Check out these prize opportunities for some more unusual possibilities:

This consists of five levels, offering cashback opportunities, a birthday bonus, and free spins!

Have you ever won a pizza while playing your favourite games? You could at Lucky Admiral with this tasty competition. Open to VIPs, you’ll need to play slots on Sundays to qualify, with the top five players winning a free pizza.

Every new player receives a spin on the Mega Reel. You can win an Amazon voucher or some free spins here.

Turbo Reel, Happy Hours, and the potential for more… win free spins and watch out for other special promos and winning chances too.

Can you collect 200 trophies at Lucky Admiral? If so, there is a £10 Amazon voucher waiting to be claimed! Level up as you collect the trophies to spin bigger and better Mega Reels.

Can I win prizes for free?

There may be chances to take part in competitions for free prizes. When you join, you’ll receive your spin of the Mega Reel in exchange for your first deposit of £10. If you’re going to play games anyway, this represents a great opportunity to win something else at the same time.

Our advice? Enjoy the fun and games at Lucky Admiral and watch out for special prizes, offers, and promotions coming soon! You never can tell when the next chance to win a real prize might come along…

Advantages of winning prizes vs winning cash

Winning cash is lovely. You can choose what you want to do with it. So, why might it be better to win prizes rather than cash?

No wagering requirements attached

Some cash prizes have wagering requirements. This means you must wager the amount won several times before you can claim it. Real prizes don’t have this requirement.

You get to enjoy the prize rather than spending the cash on more games

Unless you win a significant amount of cash, you might find yourself using a small amount of winnings to play other games. You cannot do this with a real prize. That means you get to enjoy it for what it is.

What can I win?

It depends on the competition or promotion you enter. Regular prizes tend to be smaller than those offered as part of a big promotion. Here are some possibilities you might encounter over time:

  • Vacations

Perhaps a week away with a loved one

  • Electronics

New iPad, anyone?

  • Prize vouchers

Amazon vouchers or something similar

  • Free passes

A pass to a theme park or other attraction

  • Gift hampers

These can be packed with anything! They can also be themed to certain times of the year

See if you can win some Lucky Admiral prizes today

Lucky Admiral is packed with games, trophies, fun, and prizes. Not all casinos offer real prizes alongside free spins and cash, but this one does. What better reason could there be to consider joining in the fun and games than by looking to win some of those tangible prizes today?