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Protecting Kids at Lucky Admiral

At Lucky Admiral, we are fully compliant with all regulations set out by the UK Gambling Commission and we aim to protect kids as much as we can. We do not tolerate underage gambling as we want all of our players to enjoy gambling in a safe environment which does not break any laws.

If you want to find out more about how we protect kids and stick to gambling regulations at Lucky Admiral, make sure to keep reading!

Responsible Gambling At Lucky Admiral

At Lucky Admiral, we believe strongly that gambling should be done responsibly, and we have certain features available to our players to encourage this. Our responsible gambling tools such as deposit limits and self-exclusion help up to keep our players in control. We aim to protect youth from becoming addicted to gambling and we offer these features to players of all ages on our site.

If you are struggling with a gambling addiction, make sure to check out our responsible gambling information and make use of all of the tools that we have.

Parental Controls

net nanny

As well as promoting responsible gambling, we also offer some advice on parental controls for parents who want to avoid any sort of underage gambling. This is in line with regulations set out by the UK Gambling Commission and their views on underage gambling. We encourage any parents on our site to block their underage children from accessing our site using Net Nanny and Cybersitter which can help with this.

Make sure to use these features if you think that your children might be accessing Lucky Admiral.

Gambling Regulations

At Lucky Admiral, we hold a gambling license from the UK Gambling Commission and so we need to follow their strict rules. More recently, the UK Gambling Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority introduced new rules and regulations to help combat all kinds of underage gambling. In line with these regulations, we must now confirm the age of our players before they are allowed to make a deposit on our site.

We also protect children in line with the new regulations set out by the Advertising Standards Authority and the Committees of Advertising Practice in relation to advertising towards younger people. These regulations state that we cannot target anyone below the age of 18 based on their interests and we must not use celebrities or sportspersons who are under 25 in our advertising attempts. We take this very seriously and will be fully compliant to make sure that all kids are protected at Lucky Admiral.

These latest changes in regulations come after previous changes in 2018 where these governmental bodies required casino sites like ours to remove any sort of cartoon-like images which might appeal to children or underage gamblers. We made the changes to be in line with these changes and will continue to do so each time a new regulation is set out by one of these bodies.

Gambling At Lucky Admiral

We want our players to enjoy a safe environment where they can have fun and win some money online. This is why we aim to protect any children who might have access to Lucky Admiral and make sure that they are not able to access it again in the future. We also want to make sure that our players are gambling responsibly so that they can keep having fun online.

Don’t forget to check out our responsible gambling features and parental controls if you need some assistance.