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Slot Bonus Features

Slot Bonus Features

There are many reasons why we can all enjoy slot games, such as the story elements or even just a fun theme that you appreciate. For many of us, it is impossible to look past the slot games with bonus features. Quite simply, slots with bonuses can help you to build up those winnings in a hurry.

Bonus Slots Defined

A bonus slot is one that can give you additional features that appear as an added layer on top of the base game. For instance, a basic slot machine might only have standard symbols along with a wild symbol. Some player, however, would prefer to encounter other features.

Common Bonus Features

Going further, you can encounter slot games offering free spins, jackpot rounds, bonus games, money wheels, gamble features, and even more. There is no exact set of rules for what a slot should include, as these decisions are down to the game developer, who might design the features based on the theme or story.

Unlocking Bonus Features

The unlocking of bonus features will typically be explained in the slot’s paytable of the slot. For example, you might have to simultaneously land three bonus symbols on the first, third, and fifth reel to begin the side game. Alternatively, it could take three or more scatters anywhere to earn free spins. Or else the progressive round might trigger entirely at random.

Bonus Symbols to Look for

By and large, there are some bonus symbols that you will notice appearing quite often. This is not to say that you will encounter uniquely made bonus symbols, however. It’s just that the following are much more commonly found in slots:

  • Wilds: Only newbies will be unaware that wild symbols are designed to fill in for absent base game symbols. However, it is almost always the case that wilds are not capable of substituting for other bonus symbols.
  • Scatters: For the most part, scatters are used to trigger free spins, which can even appear in the name. But scatters might also be used to trigger other outcomes, such as the unlocking of multipliers or special types of wild symbols.
  • Bonus: A slot with tonnes of bells and whistles can also include bonus symbols specially designed for that game. In doing so, the game developer can ensure users have access to slots with bonus games.
  • Jackpot: There can also be jackpot symbols, which are often used for awarding a progressive prize fund. The aim of the jackpot symbols is to match five on any payline or else a specific payline to achieve the ultimate goal.

Key Slot Bonus Features Explained

Understanding the key slot bonus features is important because you will know what is happening whenever they arise mid-game at a moment’s notice. For the most part, bonus features are going to provide you with a major benefit that you are going to want to have.

Free Spins

Free slots with bonus rounds are most certainly welcome. Start trying to land those scatter symbols and you will soon add plenty of free spins to your game. These will stop you from having to use your own funds and might even be capable of being reactivated.

Pick and Click

This is a less common feature that is generally reserved for more advanced slots with bonus features. To activate this round, you may be asked to land bonus symbols on specified reels. In the bonus round, you pick and click on one option from a selection of mystery cash prizes. Hopefully, you are fortunate enough to pick out the biggest prize from the hidden options.

Pick and Match

This is a vastly more expansive take on the pick and click feature. In this case, you are asked to select from many more hidden options. This time, the aim is to match, for example, three of the same symbol. As a reward, you could receive a cash sum, a multiplier, or free spins if you are successful.

Spin the Wheel

Here is another feature that can be reached through bonus symbols. Upon activating this feature, you will be asked to take a spin on the wheel. There will presumably be numerous options marked on the stops. Wherever it does stop, that will be the prize you receive. Cash is great, but free spins will also have their use in the game.

Progressive Jackpot Bonus Rounds

If a jackpot symbol is present, then you might have to match these to activate the round. Alternatively, there are some progressive jackpot slots where this round is reached completely at random, but the chances of doing so can be raised through placing higher wagers. Follow the instructions in the round to find out to win.

Gamble Bonus

After gathering up a sum of winnings, you can stake the whole lot in a gamble game that could double or quadruple the loot. Most commonly, you are asked to correctly identify the colour of a card for double winnings, whereas finding the suit would be worth quadruple.

Top Slots with Great Bonus Features

Here at Lucky Admiral, there are some slot games that we massively enjoy because of their bonus features. Honestly, we think you will like them, too, so definitely check out the titles outlined below. As you can see, they boast a nice spread of features.

Fluffy Favourites

This bona fide classic from Eyecon will not just give you free spins and a gamble feature, but also a pick and click game with big multipliers of up to 100x.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Travel to a fairy tale land and try to win treasure from the free spins. Jack and the Beanstalk also has three types of wild symbols that can be changed with collectible keys.

Immortal Romance

The characters of Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah all have unique rewards, which can include various multipliers, quantities of free spins, and also wild symbols.

Bonus features add a really fun element that you are going to enjoy. Lucky Admiral is home to many great slots that come with amazing bonus features – start your search today!