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The VIP Lifestyle at Lucky Admiral

Lucky Admiral Casino is a gaming destination that believes in rewarding high rollers and loyal players with VIP perks. By joining Lucky Admiral's VIP Club, you can start building up better rewards simply by wagering on casino games.

Earn Kudos and Climb Higher

The simplest explanation of the VIP scheme is that you receive one Kudos point for every £1 that you wager on games. In time, you can generate more and more Kudos points. Below, you can see the entrance requirements and monthly wagering that is needed to maintain your place at each level:

  • Newbie: 100 Kudos
  • Expert: 101 to 1,000 Kudos (£100+ monthly wagering)
  • Pro: 1,001 to 2,500 Kudos (£1,000+ monthly wagering)
  • VIP: 2,501 to 5,000 Kudos (£5,000+ monthly wagering)
  • Legend: 5,000+ Kudos (£20,000+ monthly wagering)

VIP Reward Perks

Every player will at least receive a VIP bonus to make their birthday extra special. However, you will definitely want to reach the Expert tier because this is when the good times will start rolling. Take a look at the list below to see the top perks:

  • Expert: 1% weekly cashback & five free spins
  • Pro: 3% weekly cashback & 10 free spins
  • VIP: 5% weekly cashback & 25 free spins
  • Legend: 10% weekly cashback & 50 free spins

VIP Pizza Club

Lucky Admiral has another special offer that is exclusively open to VIPs, but this definitely the tastiest of the lot. Each and every week, you can get involved with the VIP Pizza Club for the chance to win a delicious pizza on Sundays.

Now, how this works is that you just focus on playing all of your favourite slots. At the end of the day, Lucky Admiral will figure out who have been the highest-wagering players. Those who finish in the top-five will receive a pizza e-voucher on Monday.

Lucky Admiral is currently working with Pizza Express in providing the e-vouchers. This should tell you all you need to know about our commitment to sharing great pizza with our players. Pizza Express has hundreds of restaurants throughout Europe, so one is always close at hand.

If you win an e-voucher, then you can start figuring out which pizza you would like to order. Perhaps you’re a pepperoni purist, crazy for chillies, or a non-believer in mushrooms – the choice will be yours. Heck, you might even spark a pineapple debate in your home – just be ready for the discussion.