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The Wisdom of Playing Lower-value Slots

Every new video slot seems to be more colourful and more packed with features than the previous release. Naturally, it’s easy to become distracted by such wondrous sights, but you might just be missing out on some impressive windfalls earned courtesy of simpler slots.

Odds vs Entertainment

There can be numerous reasons for playing slots. Logically, however, those reasons can be distilled into whether you wish to prioritise odds or entertainment. Finding a balance is tougher than going in a dedicated direction, so it makes sense to figure out where your desires lie ahead of the next gaming session.

Entertainment can be a tremendously fun reason for playing video slots, especially with all of the branded titles currently on the market, but you also want to find ways of winning as well. For this reason, you might want to consider playing slots with smaller wagering limits and jackpot ceilings.

Why to Play Lower-value Slots

This is not a topic that can be answered in a single line or sentence, which is why you will be presented with a number of reasons that make a case for playing lower-value online slots:

  • Your bankroll goes further: Quite simply, it will cost less to play these slots and you will be able to have many more opportunities to win when compared to higher-value slot games.
  • Fewer paylines to cover: A higher number of paylines can mean having more opportunities to win, but playing at a smaller budget can make these quite costly. Instead, having fewer paylines will make the slot more effective for covering all of those and avoid missing out on lucrative combination.
  • Larger bets equal better prizes: Slots are operated on random number generators (RNGs), so there’s no way of knowing when a lucrative multiplier might come. If you can afford to play with a higher wager on a more affordable slot, then the rewards are going to be even larger.

Gameplay Tips for Your Next Session

Now that you understand the value of playing slots with lower denominations and payouts, it’s about time that you integrated some helpful tips into your gaming strategy. The following will be simple for you to start implementing at Lucky Admiral:

  • Bet the maximum: A three-reel slot with only one or three paylines will make it much more cost-effective for you to bet the maximum. This will dramatically increase the potential size of a winning combination symbols while still being affordable for your budget.
  • Become a VIP: Join the Lucky Admiral loyalty scheme and you can parlay your wagering into additional perks, including weekly cashback, free spins, and a birthday bonus.
  • Fill your trophy cabinet: Lucky Admiral has the Trophy Cabinet feature that lets you complete achievements in exchange for trophies that can raise your player level. Having a higher level will give you spins for the Mega Reel and the chance to unlock up to 500 free spins.

Every new depositor will receive a spin on the Mega Reel and the chance to unlock 500 free spins or various other prizes – these can prove invaluable in your bankroll.