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Moirai Blaze

Are you looking for a unique slot to tickle your fancy? Here at Lucky Admiral, we have just the game for you. Take a look at our full Moirai Blaze slot review to find out everything you could ever need to know about this game. We’ll take you through the basics and even give you some insider information on this slot.


Let’s start with the first impressions of the game. The design is super interesting, with a mix of futuristic and almost mythological themes. This is really eye-catching and it’s safe to say that we’ve never seen anything quite like it! The game has some brilliant characters within it that will take you through the gameplay.

The massive set of reels will show you just how different this game is! Clusters of symbols can be matched up in order to create jackpots, which will create larger multipliers as the number of symbols increases. Just five of these will be enough to multiply your bet.


Behind the reels, you’ll see the landscape of a planet, with a character ever present beside the reels. It’s a bright game that will have you feeling like you’ve actually been transported into another world. We’re big fans of this game’s theme as it’s very unique and has been carried through all elements of the game.


This game has been developed by Iron Dog.


This game has seven reels and seven rows for players to match their symbols on. There are no paylines, just ensure the symbol clusters are connected to win a payout.


Moirai Blaze has some interesting special features, these include:

  • Wild Symbol – This pink symbol has the potential to extend your symbol combinations even further. It’s got a bright yellow star on it so you will be able to spot it on the reels with ease.
  • Replacer – This symbol can switch up the symbols that you see on the reels to replace them with others. It can either switch all surrounding symbols or change every instance of a symbol to another.
  • Exploder – This exciting symbol will clear the symbols beside it to be replaced with others. This can turn a losing spin into a winning one before you know it, so watch out for this golden symbol to come along.
  • Free Spins – You can also enjoy free spins in this game, just watch out for the scatter. The more symbols that combine together, the sooner you’ll be able to get into this bonus feature. During this time, an additional powerball can fall onto the reels and add an additional respin to the bank.

Mobile Play

There’s also a Moirai Blaze slot mobile version that you can enjoy while you’re on the move. This action packed slot will make your day much more exciting, with the chance to win some jackpots while you’re out and about. No matter what kind of device you have, this game will shrink to fit.


Our strategy for this game would be to use the autoplay feature to get to experiencing everything it has to offer. It’s fast and exciting to play on, so you’ll never have a dull moment to worry about. Above all, just make sure that you’re playing the Moirai Blaze slot responsibly for the best experience.


This game is ideal for a seasoned slot gamer that wants to try out something different. This game is also good for newbies that are looking for a varied game that will knock your socks off. Play this game here with us if you want to try it for yourself.