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Reel Heist

Are you prepared to watch what happens when criminals attempt a heist in front of the cops? If so, get ready to play the exciting Reel Heist slot game. Five guys are up to no good with just one policeman trying to catch them!

Who created the Reel Heist slot game?

This entertaining slice of slot game fun comes from Red Tiger Gaming. They’ve made the Reel Heist slot mobile friendly too, which is great news. If you like it, you might like to try some of their other slots as well:

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  • Epic Journey
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Rules to know before you play Reel Heist

Let’s check out the basic elements in this slot. You’ll need to know these before you begin playing the game:

  • Five reels
  • 40 fixed paylines
  • Play from 20p per spin to cover all 40 lines
  • Maximum spin bet is £200

We love the minimal controls underneath the reels. Choose your total stake per spin by using the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left corner. PAYS reveals access to the multi-page pay table.

Can you figure out a strategy to play this game?

There’s not much you can do to adopt a strategy for this one. The fixed paylines mean you only get to work out how much to wager per spin. Keeping your spin bet as low as possible does mean you can play for longer though.

Does the Reel Heist slot include special features?

It does. The main attraction here is how the theme is built into the slot. We’ll cover that shortly, but first let’s see what the special icons look like


  • This is the policeman
  • He can appear on the reels on any spin
  • He replaces every other symbol in the game
  • Instead of spinning into view on a reel, he appears from above, below, or the side of the reels
  • Once there, he remains on the reels, moving around with every spin until he eventually disappears a few spins later

Multiplier robbers

This is a great feature. There are five robbers, each of whom has a chance to appear on each spin. Whenever one appears, he’ll hold up a multiplier value:

  • Each one has a different maximum multiplier
  • The multiplier values are up to 32x, 64x, 80x, 128x, and 2,000x

How can you win prizes with the robbers?

The idea is that the cop must catch a robber for you to win the amount shown on the sign the robber is holding. Here’s how it works:

  • One or more robbers can randomly appear in any spin
  • If the cop appears, he’ll ‘chase’ the robber(s) across the reels
  • The cop can throw his police baton to hit the robber
  • If he achieves this, the robber remains in position

The great thing is the cop can chase and stun more than one robber with his crafty baton-throwing skills. If he catches one, you’ll see a fight ensue on the reels.

If the policeman does succeed in catching a robber, the multiplier value shown by that robber is multiplied by your bet for that spin. This can result in some excellent prizes.

Does it boast a great design?

It does. The theme is very nicely done, and you will find yourself watching for the cop to appear as you play. Finding a robber on the reels is good news too, thanks to those huge multiplier values.

Watch as the screen changes colour when the policeman wild appears. When the chase begins, you can end up watching the progress for many spins in a row. You never know how quickly the policeman might catch that robber…

This is a fun and unusual game that offers something different for players to enjoy. Will you enjoy giving it a try and seeing how good you are at catching robbers?