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Best Games to Win BIG at Lucky Admiral

Experts have a lot to say for themselves. Then again, they are experts for a reason. In running a casino site, the Lucky Admiral has spoken with a whole bunch of experts, and they believe that the following are the best casino games to win money.


These are games where you are presented with reels of symbols that are designed to spin before being displayed vertically. The aim of slots is to match up symbols in adjacent reels. Quite often, this is to be done on paylines, which are patterns of symbols that can deliver winnings


In slots, you can often have the choice of how many paylines you activate, but sometimes all of the paylines are fixed. Your wagers will also be determined by the value of the line bet and whether or not coins are used. Wagering is important, as the higher you bet, the better your shot and the bigger the pot.

Tips & Strategies

At this point, it is time that we provided you with some tips and strategies to help you win big from slots:

  • High multipliers: Look at the paytable to find high multipliers.
  • Bonus features: Make the most of wilds, free spins, and mini games.
  • Budgeting: Figure out how many spins you can afford based on your bankroll.

Slots to Play at Lucky Admiral

Why not have a go at trying some of these best casino games to win big:

  • Fluffy Favourites
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Rainbow Riches
  • Starburst


The reason why blackjack is among the games with best odds at casino sites is that you can render the house edge close to zero with effective gameplay. The house edge will rise a little for less experienced players, but generally the game can be effective.


Your aim is to draw cards and finish close to 21 without going over that threshold, otherwise the dealer is certain to win. After getting your first two cards, you can make decisions like double your bet, split pairs, and possibly surrender if the dealer is showing an ace on their up-card.

Tips & Strategies

Blackjack is a game in which you can sharpen your strategy by using these tips:

  • Stand: When you have 12-16 and the dealer’s up-card is 2-6.
  • Hit: When you have 12-16 and the dealer’s up-card is 7-Ace.
  • Split: A pair of 8s or Aces.

Blackjack to Play at Lucky Admiral

Lucky Admiral can provide you with some well-designed blackjack tables on your favourite devices:

  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack Classic
  • Blackjack Pro


The roulette wheel can deliver some astonishing outcomes, but that is part of the charm of why the game can be so engaging to play. Add in the multi-faceted betting table and you have a game with incredible depth, albeit with random outcomes.


Backing individual numbers delivers incredible payouts, but the odds of doing so are much longer. In contrast, you can win less but more often when you back groups of numbers or simply even-money payouts, such as red or black.

Tips & Strategies

The random nature of roulette means that you need to seize any opportunity to elevate your strategy:

  • European roulette: Play this variant instead of American roulette, as the house edge is more player-friendly at 2.70% rather than 5.26%.
  • Roulette systems: These betting systems have no way of impacting the outcome, so please understand that they provide a disciplined framework of wagering.

Roulette to Play at Lucky Admiral

These are the top roulette wheels to try your luck on:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette


There are casino poker games that refine the multiplayer variants to become a one versus one match-up against the dealer. As you can imagine, casino poker is a much faster and experience by comparison.


The gameplay typically entails the player receiving a couple of personal cards, as does the dealer. A selection of community cards will then be drawn, with the dealer and player betting on each round of cards in order to proceed.

Tips & Strategies

Poker is not a game that just dive in on and start winning, as you need to understand what is going. To boost your chances, here are some poker tips and strategies:

  • Play tight: Feel comfortable to fold whenever you have low-ranked cards, as you are unlikely to beat the dealer and should stop betting.
  • Be aggressive: If you start with a strong pair, then do not be afraid of raising against the dealer and making the most of your cards.
  • Stay cool: Do not let a couple of bad hands cause you to make erratic decisions, as poker is all about being efficient.

Poker to Play at Lucky Admiral

Thankfully, Lucky Admiral is home to a couple of really fun online poker games that can deliver major winning potential:

  • Casino Hold’em
  • Texas Hold’em

Now that you have read the guide, you can start playing for your own big winnings right here at Lucky Admiral.