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Dispelling Slot Game Myths

When playing on slot games, we all have our own little superstitions. We want the reels to go in our favour and we’re not afraid to test just about anything to give us the chance to win more often. Can these odd slot gaming superstitions really turn the odds in our favour or is it all just predetermined?

Always be Consistent

You’ll find loads of players that stick to this kind of thinking, always spinning the same game with the same wager. We can get behind this kind of thinking to a point, as the best way to shoot for the predicted RTP is to play with a consistent bet. On a high volatility slot game, you may be best switching things up a bit, because you never really know where your next spin will land you and they’re harder to predict.

To be honest, we can see this play style getting a bit boring. By all means, check for games that have a high RTP, but don’t limit yourself to just one. New and old games can have a mix of odds and you can take a look through these before making your decision. Imagine if you were playing on your usual slot but there was a much better one out there!

Stand while you Play

This myth has been perpetuated since slot machines first became an installation in Las Vegas. Standing to play is an institution, perhaps because this is what you’re apt to do while you’re on a winning streak. Even online, players will stand to play, or even wander around in set patterns as they spin the reels.

We really can’t see how this would have an effect on your winnings, except from putting you in the perfect position to jump for joy. These games won’t be too fussed if you’re sitting or standing, so don’t put yourself out. It’s always a perk that you can play on mobile if you do like this kind of gameplay, then you can even walk about your favourite café spinning that slot if you like.

Never use Auto Play

This is one we see time and again, as players seem to think that the game knows when you’re not giving it your full attention. They think by using auto play, you’re missing a trick and the game will know that you’re not watching out for the jackpots.

We can assure you that this is absolutely not the case, as the game plays in the exact same manner regardless of whether you’re spinning it manually or using that feature. The auto play is a handy tool, especially for those who want to chill out while they play and it makes no difference to the odds at all.

More Features means a more Rewarding Game

Developers are always coming up with more bonus features and mini games to fit within their slots. This can have players associating the extra funds that they get from these games with automatically more rewarding gameplay. This is a dangerous trap to fall into, as it’s not always the case, don’t take this at face value.

To compensate for all those free spins and bonus lolly, the game may have lower base payouts. There may also only be a small chance of you triggering some rounds. While these additions can make the game more rewarding, there may be a slight downside elsewhere to compensate for it. This doesn’t mean it’s underhand or bad in any way, it just means that games with additional bonus features aren’t always better than the rest.

The Machine Owes you Money

When you’re deep into a slot gaming session, you may be thinking that you don’t want to change games, as the machine is bound to pay out at any moment. By wagering on it, you’ve been feeding it cash and now the odds are in your favour to pay out, right? Wrong.

The probabilities and odds of a slot game are always constant, no matter just how long you’ve been playing on it. In reality, whether it’s your first pound or your hundredth, the odds are exactly the same for players. The game is impartial, whether you’re making those big bets or smaller ones, the only exception to this is if you’re changing the paylines.

In fact, we’d suggest that this isn’t an amazing strategy and we’d prefer you gamble responsibly. If you’re not having fun anymore or if you need a break, then it’s much better to chill and get some time away from the game. This is heaps better for your balance anyway!

These myths have been around for ages and many players still believe in them. While some of them have a small grounding in reality, you should always remember that games are random and there’s not too much you can do to manipulate those odds.