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Rampage Riches

How do you fancy rampaging around town to see how many prizes you can find? This is a strange premise for a slot game, but the Rampage Riches slot works well and offers a good mix of features. As you’ll see, it looks good too.

Which team is behind the Rampage Riches slot?

Odobo is a platform offered to anyone who wishes to create a slot game. Lost World Games created Rampage Riches, but other games also made it onto the platform:

  • Champion of Champions
  • Fortune Fish
  • The Oddventurers

Design notes

You’ll find yourself in a cityscape – standing in the middle of the road, apparently! Let’s hope no cars come towards you, because the game reels are blocking your view. Your attention will be focused on those because there’s a lot going on there.

The story behind the game is that a monster is on the loose. Aha, so maybe the monster is the one doing the rampaging. Most of the big-paying symbols are based on the monster. How many of these will you spot:

  1. The eye of the mysterious monster
  2. A green egg (oh no, does that mean more monsters are hatching?)
  3. Sharp claws
  4. A giant footprint the monster left behind

Game elements to get you started

If you’re ready to rampage, get ready to check out some of these features:

  • Five reels
  • 20 paylines
  • Choose coins worth from 20p to £20 per line
  • Maximum bet is a huge £400

That’s only the beginning though, as you’ll see. Let’s dive in and find out which special symbols you might see here.

Wilds (yes, plural!):

  • Standard wild can appear on any of the five reels
  • Exploding wild only appears on the third reel
  • Exploding wilds do just that when they appear – turning one or more other symbols into wilds

Free spins icon:

  • This is labelled
  • The cityscape is shown on it too

Bonus icon:

  • Labelled as the bonus
  • It shows a monster flying over the city

Look out for these Rampage Riches slot game bonuses

Well, since we have a free spins icon and a bonus icon, you can guess there are several exciting features to be found in this game.

Free spins:

You must secure a free spins icon on reels two, three, and four simultaneously to trigger these:

  1. Five free games are awarded to you
  2. Additional wilds are added onto the first three reels of the game for each spin
  3. Three more free spins icons will award another five free games

The Rampage bonus:

To get into this feature, you need to find the bonus icon on the first, third, and fifth reels simultaneously. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your preferred monster (four are shown)
  2. Play a picking game spread over several levels
  3. See how long you can survive
  4. The longer you can play for in this bonus, the more you will be able to win

Is there a strategy you can use to improve your winning chances?

Not really – while some slots have additional bets to trigger special features or improve your winning chances, that isn’t the case here. You may also have noticed the smallest line bet is far higher in this game than in many others. It certainly doesn’t qualify as a penny slot.

Our tip would be to calculate your smallest bet and to see how that may fit in with your budget. Do that before you do anything else, so you can see whether the Rampage Riches slot is going to work for you. Of course, if you do win prizes, they will be of greater value.